Frezyderm Homeopathy Toothpaste

Frezyderm Homeopathy Toothpaste

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A toothpaste for those taking or using homeopathic treatments. It accelerates the normal enamelling process and helps whitening. It fights cavities, reduces dryness in the mouth and gum bleeding. It also protects from gingivitis and periodontitis. The toothpaste does not contain substances that counteract homeopathic treatment. It is free of Fluoride, essential oils, saccharin, mint and menthol derivatives.

Does not contain substances counteracting homeopathy treatment
Free from Fluoride, essential oils, saccharin, mint, menthol derivatives
Gluten Free

  • Adults and kids over 6
  • Those on homeopathy treatment 

How to use

Brush teeth 2-3 times per day. Complementary us of the Homeopathy mouthwash is recommended.





  • Calcium Hydroxyapatite: Combination of Calcium & Phosphate ions accelerates
    normal enameling and helps whitening
  • Xylitol (8% w/w): Substitutes Fluoride and fights caries
  • Natural aminoacid (4% w/w): Treating dryness of mouth
  • Tannins from kelps: Against gum bleeding
  • Rhodo.Ferr.: Natural extract protecting from gingivitis & periodontitis