A Weighty Matter

This month we are encouraging are community to check their BMI. But what is BMI and why does it matter? BMI is you Body Mass Index, a straightforward way of assessing you weight. You need your height and weight and can easily measure it using a BMI calculator, such as the one on NHS Choices, where you can find more information - click here

Having found out what you perhaps already knew - that you could do with exercising more or losing a few pounds, the big questions are why would you want to and more importantly how?
There are many reasons why you might want to consider losing weight - health and looks being the main ones. Obesity and being overweight are also linked to worse outcomes in COVID infection. For me, it is part health, but mostly I feel better when I have a healthier weight. My husband however, despite not being typically overweight, found he was pre-diabetic and so for him it is definitely for a long-term health outcome.

So, having decided to lose weight, how to decide which 'diet' to use? There is no one size fits all. For us, we both chose one of the 3 'fasting' diets that encourage ketosis and fat burning and reduce insulin resistance and improve health outcomes. I decided to try 'keto' diet and despite previously thinking a meal isn't a meal without carbohydrates, I have been amazed at how my appetite has improved and I don't get so 'hangry'. My husband decided he needed some normality and so opted for the 5/2 diet, fasting on 2 days. After just a few weeks, his glucose levels appear to have improved. The last of these types of diets is prolonged fasting of 14-16 hours per day.
There are, of course, many other choices of diet and some need the extra support that for example, Slimming World or Weight Watchers, offer. For those in Chiswick, ONE YOU Hounslow offer support and diet advice.

If you have tried losing weight and find it difficult, particularly if your BMI is over 30, you can speak to your GP about medical options.

If you are thinking of improving your health , don't keep putting it off, even small changes can have an impact.