Kedley Tennis Elbow Support

Kedley Tennis Elbow Support

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The Aero-tech neoprene tennis elbow is a firm level support for sporting and rehabilitation use. The fully adjustable design allows for a custom fit and uniform compression. The cotton lining moves moisture away from the body keeping you cool and comfortable. The airflow neoprene construction keeps the skin dry and allows the body to breathe whilst reinforced edging increases product durability. Unisex design fits a wide range of body types & ages whilst reinforced edging increases product durability.

The Kedley Aero-tech neoprene tennis elbow support helps brace the muscles and tendons, which through overuse, can cause pain in the elbow joint. The pressure created by the tennis pad gives targeted support whilst retaining body heat to increase flexibilty.

Recommended for:
Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis), elbow pain relief



Measure around the centre of the elbow.

Fits up to 40cm.

Fits left and right