Optrex Soothing Eye Drops for Itchy Eyes

Optrex Soothing Eye Drops for Itchy Eyes

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  • Soothing eye drops
  • For itchy eyes
  • Soothes and Relieves
  • Pollen, pet hat and dust mites can leave eyes feeling itchy, irritated and uncomfortable
  • Contains natural plant extracts
  • Relieves irritation caused by pollen, pet hair & dust mites
  • Gently cleanse the eye's surface, washing away particles that can cause allergy and hay fever
  • Safe for everyday use


How to use

Adults and children:

Remove contact lenses before use, allow at leas 15 minutes before replacing them after use.

Tili your head backwards and gently squeeze 2 to 4 drops into each eye to instantly refresh them

Use as often as required.

Do not use 28 days after opening






Aqua,Hamamelis Virgina (Witch Hazel),Alcohol,Boric Acid,Glycerine,Sodium Borate,Benzalkonium Chloride