Splat Extreme White Toothpaste

Splat Extreme White Toothpaste

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Intensive whitening at home by 2.5 shades


Fluoride content: 0.05%


Have a wedding coming up? A job interview? Graduation? Need everything to be perfect…including and especially your smile?


SPLAT whitening toothpaste EXTREME WHITE contains micro-granules with carbamide peroxide and the whitening complex Sp.White System, which was specially developed to gently whiten enamel in just 4-6 weeks of daily use.

  • The combination of natural enzymes, round polishing particles and the unique micro-granules of Carbamide peroxide allows for the removal of surface stains and dental plaque, with intensive whitening results.
  • Fluoride ions reliably protect against tooth decay.
  • Developed for use from 16 years of age.


How to use

We recommend consulting a dentist or doctor before use. To avoid increased sensitivity, we advise to alternate it with SPLAT enamel strengthening toothpaste every 4-6 weeks (Biocalcium, Nordic Berries, Sea Minerals or Organic).

To achieve the best whitening effect you should refrain from food and drinks for 20 minutes after brushing your teeth.






Active ingredients

PVP, Zinc Citrate, Urea Peroxide, Lecithin, Sodium Fluoride, Papain, Paprika Extract.

Free from

SLES, triclosan, chlorhexidine, aggressive abrasives.